Credit Union Calendar


A reminder to all that there are several photographic tasks outstanding that were set/requested prior to the season’s end last July. The due dates for each of the tasks varies with the calendar being the most urgent.

  • Access Credit Union Calendar, Dominic Casey suggested that the club supply the photos for the credit union’s 2022 calendar. “If the theme can be seasonal, so 3 for each, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, also we will leave some latitude in terms of composition of the images, allowing for the possible inclusion of people or creatures, perhaps.” The map below shows the range of the credit union in west Cork and thus the area of photographic interest.
  • The summer challenge, set by Nicholas. A rainbow of colours i.e. seven photos each one depicting a different colour of the rainbow.
  • Simon’s project that followed on from his talk on Deconstructing a Photograph. Details of the challenge can be found at the end of the pdf linked to above. If you do not have the password to access the document then email the committee.
  • Lastly the continuation of the Spring challenge which involved photographic the development and growth of a plant in your garden.

No excuses not to be taking photos!!