Spring competition

Spring and summer challenge


  • Choose a plant in your garden (or near you if you don’t have a garden). You will follow the development of this plant over the spring and summer until autumn. It can be a bulb, a shrub, a tree, a wildflower.. – anything that changes over the year.
  • Create a photo of this plant once a week – or as soon as you see new development. Make it a challenge to capture the beauty of spring.
  • Choose a few photos that are your favourites and that best represent the development of your plant. Send these photos to me no later than the 3rd of May. On the following Wednesday, we will share our photos in a Zoom meeting.
  • After this meeting, continue to follow and photograph your plant over the summer. Try to capture the most beautiful moments from different angles, and your plant’s development until autumn. In early autumn we’ll share our second set of photos in a Zoom meeting. I don’t have a date yet for this meeting.
  • First deadline – 3rd of May.