Members out and about

Over the past week a few of our members have been out and about taking photos at various places and events.

John, Noreen B and Geoff volunteered at short notice to take photos at the recent SCAR charity event in Skibbereen. (SCAR – Skibbereen Charity Adventure Race). You can find details of this year’s event on the organisation’s Facebook page.

SCAR – John Hughes

In addition to photographing this event John, along with Patricia headed off to Glengariff early one morning to catch the rising sun amidst the woods. In John’s words….

Although the sunset was not as good as expected , i.e. just a glimmer, however, the colours in the trees more than made up for it. Patricia and I were there well before dawn, so dark we needed torches to see the signposts!

We will return!