Video & your DSLR

This past Wednesday members were initiated into the world of the DSLR and video and introduced to functions of their camera many probably never even knew existed! Anne-Marie Green, lecturer, freelance journalist and experienced documentary maker was our guest speaker for the evening and gave an extensive presentation on how to get the most out of your DSLR when shooting video.

Anne-Marie explained the various settings such as frame rate, file format – for both the film and sound components, and what gear is necessary for that professional looking and sounding video. She went on to explain how best to set up shots to ensure the videographer captures the entire story, how to expose under various lighting conditions and how best to set up for an interview.

Anne-Marie followed up by demonstrating in Adobe’s Premiere Pro how simple it can be to transition between shots, add a soundtrack and quickly edit a piece.

There are many similarities between video and still photography, not least the need to ‘work the shot’. The biggest difference however is the additional component of sound in a video and it is the quality of this that can make your video stand out from the rest.

Many thanks to Anne-Marie for her fascinating talk and providing us with another challenge!

To view or download Anne-Marie’s presentation follow this link