The exposure triangle

The meeting began with two of our now familiar and looked forward to 5-minute talks.

First up Catherine took us on a trip down memory lane with some photos from the various club outings she went on and then followed these up with a series of delightful macro photographs taken in her garden where she feels most at home. Catherine explained that she needs to be motivated in order to get out her camera and Jeremy’s macro talk earlier this year kindled an interest in this form of photography.

Elmarie spoke next about her interest in landscape photography and showed us a few examples of Ansel Adams’ work along with that of John Hooton and Giles Norman. Elmarie explained how she’d been using YouTube as a resource for composition and technique and showed us excerpts from a video created by Robert Rodriguez Jr. In the video the photographer explained his ‘compositional framework’ LCU.

It’s great to see members who are keen to develop their skills in, and appreciation of, photography. Thanks Elmarie and Catherine.

At the end of our previous meeting where we’d had brief reminder of the Exposure Triangle, we’d be given some homework as a follow up. Take three photographs using a different element of the triangle for each one i.e. ISO, shutter speed and aperture. This week we looked at the photos everyone brought along and each person explained the settings and rationale behind each one. An extensive gallery of the photos can be seen below.