A Mixed Bag.

A diverse meeting this week began with a recount of a visit that four of our members made to the Clonakilty Rugby Club last Saturday. This was a re-scheduled match, that was originally to be played the Sunday prior so disappointingly several members were unable to attend. Those that did attend found the task of capturing the action quite challenging.

Aside from the technical aspects of balancing a shutter speed fast enough to capture the action, an aperture wide enough to limit the depth of field and an ISO that wasn’t so high as to introduce unacceptable levels of noise, there was the difficulty for those unfamiliar with the game of not knowing where the action was going to be! For those who were familiar with the game there was the need to disassociate from the match and take photographs and not simply watch! The fact that it was a close, hard fought game didn’t help! A word of advice from a couple of the photographers – know your gear and if it’s a big event don’t make it the first outing for new equipment!

Below are some of the photos taken by the four on the day. Well done everyone!

Nadine was next up with her 5-minute talk. For the past 8 months or so Nadine has been out and about with her smartphone, travelling overseas and here at home all the while taking photos. Not your typical tourist photos but ones from an unusual perspective that focus on a different aspect of the scene than the one you might expect. Additionally, Nadine has been having fun with an app called Fhotoroom and has been drastically altering the hues in some of her images, again in order to focus attention on different aspects of the photo.

In the first photo, you can see how Nadine has gotten down low and captured the people outside this Venetian cathedral. A tourist can be seen taking the ‘traditional’ photo, there’s the local man pausing on his way home and the woman begging by the cathedral wall. Three completely different characters captured in the moment. In her second photo, Nadine’s alteration of the normally green hues in the grass and trees leads us to focus our attention on the relationship between the tree, swing and bench as we look for something familiar to grasp on to. Two fascinating photos!

The meeting ended with a presentation by Nicholas on, The Exposure Triangle, that triumvirate of settings we use to create a balanced exposure, each with their own idiosyncrasies that change the way our photos appear. You can find a copy of his presentation by following this link to our Google Drive space. To end we were set a task to complete based on the 3 aspects of the exposure triangle which we will be following up on at the next meeting.

Phew! All this and then a relaxing few coffees in the bar to finish!