Thanks, Wesley

Wednesday last, April  29th, members of the club were treated to a presentation by Welsey Law. Many thanks to Wesley for sharing with us his outstanding photographs of the south and west Cork coastline. Wesley’s fascination and love of this part of the world was plain for all to see (no pun intended!) His images are superb.

Wesley described how his preference for shooting into the sun dictated when he would be able to make the shot he was looking for not only with respect to the time of day but also the time of year. In addition to visiting the location on numerous occasions, Wesley explained how he would make subtle changes to his viewpoint to accommodate both the distant clouds and foreground interest and all that lay in between. His use of filters, long and short exposures and a willingness to get wet all go in to making these atmospheric images.

In addition to viewing an excellent slideshow we were delighted to have some of Wesley’s prints to look at, close-up. A real treat.