POTY 2020

POTY 2020, results.

This year’s Photographer of the Year (POTY) competition was an open theme with members submitting any three images taken over the past year. With 20 entries the competition was wide open and congratulations go to Nicholas for his win. His 3 winning photos are shown below.

Geoff placed second  in the competition and Siobhán came in third. Their photos are in the gallery below.

Our thanks must go to the three judges, Charlie, Kingsley and Breda for their painstaking efforts and feedback.

The remaining entries can be seen in the gallery below.

***WARNING*** there are images of the nude female form in this gallery.

As has become the “new normal” this meeting was held via Zoom. Members can view a recording of the meeting which includes the critiques of the photographs given by Kingsley on behalf of himself, Charlie and Breda by following this link.