Shutter Speed

Following on from an earlier meeting where we discussed the exposure triangle, at this meeting we concentrated on one aspect of the triangle, shutter speed.

Nicholas gave us a brief presentation on how shutter speed can influence whether the subject in the photo is static or blurred and whether any blur is unintended or used as a creative tool. We looked at the various camera settings that prioritise shutter speed and how other settings such as aperture may restrict your choices.

When photographing moving subjects, Nicholas explained how maintaining focus on the subject can be more of a challenge and how the use of alternative auto-focus modes can aid in achieving sharp focus. We looked at intentional camera movement including panning and zooming during the exposure and the creative effects that can result.

At our next meeting the plan is to try out some of these techniques so members should follow the link below, read through the notes from this session and consult their camera’s manual to ensure they are familiar with how to set the various shooting and focus modes.

Shutter speed notes.