SACC 2015 Interclub competition results

This year’s SACC Interclub competition took place on March 29th at Loreto Girls Secondary School, Kilkenny. Clonakilty entered a panel of 10 photographs in each of the 3 categories, colour print, mono print and projected.

The 3 panels can be viewed in the gallery below.

First off congratulations must go to Cork Camera Group for their outstanding success in not only winning the overall trophy but for winning each of the three categories. A tremendous achievement. Well done.

Details of the competition and a slideshow of the winning and place-getting images and panels can be seen on the SACC website and on various camera club Facebook pages including:

From our perspective, finishing 10th overall as we did was a disappointing result. Whilst our images were presented exceptionally well – thanks to Anne & Geoff for printing and mounting respectively, they looked a little dated with respect to this competition. By that it is meant that the level of the competition has moved on from where we are at. Very few of the outstanding images are simply photographs as were most of ours. The trend at present is for there to be a lot of manipulation in the photographic process. This may take place in the setting up of a photo – the use of models, incorporating lighting beyond that which is available, using props or staging the scene. It may take place in the photographic process itself – using shutter speed and aperture to create movement, blur or isolate a particular aspect of the scene or it may occur during the processing of the image through the use of image manipulation and compositing a final image.

There is still room for the photo that captures a moment in time such as the sports photos that Paddy took but these are the exception and indeed need to be exceptional.

The major positive for the club to come out of the competition was that we had images entered from a large number of members, an indication that the standard within the club is improving. If we can harness the talent that is there and work collectively we can continue to improve and who knows…..!