POTY, programme & 5-minutes

Our last meeting for 2017.

Entries into this year’s Photographer of the Year competition (POTY) were due in this evening and it was great to see that more than half the cub’s members entered this year’s competition.

The theme for 2017 required members to take 3 photographs to illustrate the first sentence from a book. Members could choose any book they wished, one photo had to be in colour and one had to be monochrome. The photos could be representative of part or all of the sentence, could be in a sequence or simply viewed individually. All photos were open to any form of post-processing, or none.

Judging will take place early in 2018 and the results will be announced at our annual Awards dinner the date and venue of which has yet to be confirmed but is likely to be in mid-February.

We were entertained and enlightened this evening with three 5-minute talks on 3 diverse subjects.

Paddy showed and spoke to us about his efforts to achieve an Associateship accreditation with both the IPF and the RPS. Unfortunately Paddy has been unsuccessful thus far but is close to succeeding with the IPF. It was educational to hear about Paddy’s failures, the reasons behind his rejection(s) and we all admire his persistence and belief in his own work. Best of luck to Paddy when he submits his panel once more with the IPF.

Patricia, by her own admission an unimaginative collector of things, chanced upon something to collect whilst completing one of our summer challenges. Photos of chimney pots! It was in looking for 15 things to photograph that Patricia looked towards the heavens for inspiration and lo, a stack of chimney pots caught her eye! Since then, Patricia has been on the lookout for more unusual or bountiful forms of the chimney pot.

Lastly but equally interesting was Kit one of our newer members who admitted to being very nervous…. no need Kit we loved seeing some of the photos you’ve been taking whilst out and about in west Cork. Water seems to be a common theme in many of Kits photos. Working in both colour and monochrome, Kit has a great eye for a photographic opportunity.

The meeting ended with a look at what lies ahead in 2018 and some important dates for the calendar details of which can be found elsewhere on the wesbite.

Been a great year. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!