Motion – a competition.

This evening saw the first of several intra-club competitions. All entries had to be printed and then presented in a strut mount for judging by three club members. There could be only one winner and that turned out to be Joy!

The judges felt that this was a photo that one could return to again and again. Each time finding a new aspect to the narrative within. Clearly Joy has captured a moment of great drama as her family play, ‘Grandma’s footsteps.’ The motion blur heightens the action but not all characters are blurred to the same extent, some barely present others almost frozen. You can also see a clarity of expression on the faces of some of the competitors. The colours add to the aesthetic of the image and the framing has space for the participants to move into. A fabulous moment, wonderfully captured.

Some of the other entries can be seen below.

The techniques used to capture motion included long shutter speeds, rear- (or second-) curtain sync and panning.

Whilst the judges were doing their thing John took the time to give us a presentation on how the sensor in a digital camera works and what factors then influence the exposure. John used golf balls and a bucket to help explain some of the science involved and we came away wiser and more attuned as to why we are not always able to capture the scene as our eyes perceive it.

In addition to all the above we also saw more of the photos taken as part of our summer challenge. This time it was the turn of Kathleen, Kit and Nicholas.

Members can see all of the summer challenge photos by following this link.