Johnny Creedon Nature competition 2018

Another year, another Johnny Creedon Nature Photographer of the Year competition. The same old winner – Nicholas!

Congratulations again to Nicholas for what is now a hat-trick of wins in this competition. Thanks once again to Mike Brown for judging the competition and for his feedback on all the entries. Mike’s attention to detail and the considered advice that he gave each photographer was most valuable. The overall standard of the competition is improving year-on-year and it was good to see almost all members entering this year’s competition.

Whilst Mike was off judging the images, Noreen & Dave each gave us a short talk on their favourite photos.

Noreen had chosen a picture by Elliott Erwitt and she also showed us a quote that has influenced the way she approaches her own photography.

“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

She has used this maxim to take a series of photos of gates that she shared with us.

Dave took a slightly different approach and shared some of his own photos. These included a series of photos taken at a horse eventing competition where a horse fell at one of the hurdles. The sequence of photos was very dramatic with the rider being catapulted off the horse and distressingly, the horse being badly injured. The photos are probably not best shared in this forum. A stunning sequence though.

We also got to see the last of the summer challenge photos – Noreen’s C photos and Patricia’s W pics.