Michael O'Sullivan

Michael O’Sullivan

This evening we welcomed, via Zoom, Michael O’Sullivan (FIPF, FRPS) to our fold. Michael is an award winning, professional photographer based in west Cork. A regular speaker on the camera club and wider photography circuit we were delighted to have him speak to us about his professional and personal work.

Best known for his series of photos entitled “Fallen Angels’, Michael is also an accomplished landscape, fashion and portrait photographer and in addition works commercially.

Michael spoke about how he stays motivated when working for a client, whilst ensuring that they get the images they are after. Playing with lights and lighting, trying a variety of poses and looks, choosing alternative framing options all help to create an opportunity to get maybe a photo for himself in addition to the client.

Planning and turning up early are key to a successful shoot. Exposing for the ambient light – look for the moody sky – and then using a variety of lights and light modifiers, introducing different lights as required, help to ensure scenes are lit correctly and thus require minimal post processing. Getting assistance from anyone not in the photo is a necessity if the budget is tight!

These principles apply to both commercial and personal work!

Following on from his overview and examples from his commercial and fashion portfolio, Michael went on to explain his obsession with the ‘Fallen Angels’ series of photos he is currently working on. Reflecting his view of the world and our place in it, this series of photos are influenced by the Baroque, Renaissance and Romantic eras and form a stunning body of work.

Michael was asked about printing and the papers he uses. You can see a YouTube video on this subject made by Michael below.