Macro & Close-Up photography

The first part of our most recent meeting was given over to a talk by Jeremy on macro and close-up photography. Jeremy’s informative presentation included some advice on equipment, techniques and examples of his own work.

A strong believer that macro photography can improve compositional and technical skills, Jeremy explained the various types of equipment that can be used from the simplest, macro filters, to extension tubes and finally a dedicated macro prime lens. The focal length of macro lenses are usually either 50mm, 105mm or 180mm with the latter being the most expensive.

Jeremy uses a Benbow Trekker tripod (available in the UK or on Ebay) but it is possible to hand hold in some instances. Using natural light wherever possible, filling in shadows with a reflector, gives the most pleasing results.

When choosing a subject for  macro, look for details that may not be obvious at first glance, position the point of interest such that it is easily identifiable and keep the overall composition simple. Take care to avoid a ‘busy’ background. When taking the shot, bracket your apertures, change your focus point and try to fill the frame. Using a remote to trigger the shutter will help eliminate camera shake.

With these tips in mind we will be having a competition at the next meeting to see who can capture the imagination of the judge!

Many thanks Jeremy for you excellent presentation.