Glengarriff Woods

In the early morning of Sunday 11th October a group of members, John Hughes, Patricia Costello, Helen O’Brien, Joy Larkcom, Joe Dolan and Tom Crispie set off for Glengarriff Nature Reserve led by Charlie Lee, with the aim of furthering their photographic skills in a woodland environment.  

The weather was overcast however the lack of light led to an interesting session on long exposures creating motion blur images of themselves, and the occasional dog walker, all in a colourful backdrop of an Autumn treescape. The motion blur theme continued with another session at a series of waterfalls with the opportunity to experiment with the camera settings to use the soft dream-like patterns of the water flow. The highlight of the morning was the mad dash to get behind the cameras when a red coated lady dog walker strolled into shot. The lowlight was the anxiety caused by the lack of breakfast rolls at the service station in Glengarriff !

The morning was most enjoyable and instructive, so many thanks to Charlie for taking us to this fabulous location. There will definitely be some return visits in the frosty weather to come!