Carrigfadda outing

After a delayed start, due to the ferocious weather in the morning, a  group of nine hardy Club Members clambered their  way up the 200+ steps and into the forest on the flank of Carrigfadda, a 1328ft hill near  Reenascreena. Their aim was to take a circular route around the summit then climb up to the trig point and Marian cross on the top.

The forest itself is totally undisturbed, apart from the occasional felling, so the mosses, plants and funghi are luxuriant. On entering the forest macro lenses were instantly deployed to capture the many toadstools growing on the fallen trees.

The tall vertical trees gave the whole place a magical cathedral like ambience, especially when the cloud drifted through them. This presented good opportunities for some ‘moody’ shots. When they reached the summit the cloud base was to low to get a full view but there were tantalising glimpses as the cloud rolled over. After coffee and biscuits at altitude ( c/o Geoff ) the group made the slow descent.

Although the weather was not ideal the group were rewarded will some excellent shooting opportunities of our native flora. Having now been introduced to the area there will likely be many return visits, especially when  the seasons change. Finally many thanks to Catherine McCarthy for inviting everyone back to her house for well earned tea and biscuits.