Mounting a Photo & Machu Picchu

Many thanks to Geoff for his excellent demonstration w.r.t. mounting photographs. Beginning with a discussion on the aesthetics of various mounting styles e.g. double mounts, mounting with a thin line around the image, using a mount with a black core etc. Geoff then also discussed where within the mount to sit the image. These details were invaluable and points that we may not have previously given much thought.

Geoff then demonstrated the actual mounting process, from calculating the margins along which to cut – depending on how the photo is mounted, measuring the correct dimensions, cutting the mount

using a steel rule, cutting board, scrap piece of mount and a hand-held  cutter and then taping the photo to the mount and lastly backing the whole thing.

An excellent demonstration, a video of which can be seen on Google Drive. To view, follow this link.

Geoff subsequently sent us all an email detailing the materials used, where he sources them and the cost. Thanks, Geoff for sharing your expertise in such a clear and informative way.

Following this demonstration, Catherine McCarthy showed us some of the photos she took on a recent trip to Peru and up Mach Picchu. It was a fabulous trip and Catherine’s photos gave us an excellent appreciation of the people, the places and the strenuous nature of the climb up to the magnificent UNESCO Heritage Site.

In addition to the photos, Catherine showed us a photo book she’d had printed using an online service. This seems to be a wonderful way to appreciate the photos that so often get left to defragment on a hard drive or memory stick somewhere and never seen again. Having the book lying around on a coffee table or in the loo seems a much better way to store your memories!

Thanks, Catherine a most enjoyable time had by all!