Back to Basics

We had a great evening last Wednesday, Sept. 16th out at Long Strand. We gathered as promised in Owenahincha but after walking out to the beach quickly realised that the tide was too high for us to find much of interest to fill the foreground of our photos so headed east to Long Strand. (Sorry Joe & Claudia who arrived at Owenahincha after we’d moved on but still had a grand time).

Many thanks to Charlie for offering us his expert advice on how best to set up the camera to capture the wonderful light from the setting sun and to ensure that our photos were compositionally interesting. It is evident that members who are able to attend these practical sessions and the days out are learning not only how their camera works but how to best utilise the various settings to capture that classic image.

We have another excursion in a few weeks time, to Cork city and the quays so came along if you can. Check the meetings tab for details.

After we’d all left Charlie found a quiet spot and waited for the darkness to settle….