Niamh Whitty talking IPF distinctions

Many thanks to Niamh for coming down to  explain to us the IPF distinction process and to share her own journey from initial failure to ultimate FIPF success.

Niamh began by sharing her first effort at attaining the Licentiateship which turned out to be unsuccessful. She explained her intent on entering was to show her ability to control the camera settings to capture the light and subject in harmony. A few weak images meant she had to try again which she did, successfully, with a panel of 10 floral images. These images were clearly much stronger and printed and mounted to show them off more readily.

We discussed the merits or otherwise of submitting 10 themed images as opposed to 10 varied images and opinion was divided though all agreed that panelling – the ability to arrange the 10 images in a harmonious and  balanced manner was essential as it is the first impression that can often count most.

Niamh went on to show us her successful AIPF and then FIPF panels and it was fascinating to see her progression and the photographic journey that she undertook as her images became more abstract and artistically stylised.

It was a delightful evening with some lively discussion and we were delighted to have been able to learn from Niamh’s expertise on the subject of distinctions and to see her own development and progression through the process.

For those members interested in entering a panel for a distinction, check out the IPF website for dates and details.

Prior to the meeting, Niamh presented Charlie Lee with a book of images from the 17th FIAP Nature Colour Print Biennial where Charlie had his image of a Red Poll selected as part of the Irish entry.