Workshop night

This was a fun night with a variety of activities on offer and all who came along had an enjoyable and educational evening. Many thanks to Sophie for modelling the luminous make-up under the UV light and to Geoff, Patricia, John and Nicholas for running the other activities.

John set up some vases of water through which he shone light at a sheet of striped coloured paper. The idea was to photograph the paper through the vase of water and see what effects you could come up with. High ISO or slow shutter speed and a tripod was required for this shoot. And an imaginative point of view.

Geoff and Patricia offered up a painting with light opportunity. After setting up a still life display, members used their torches to light up the subject by moving the beam across the objects. Patience was one necessary requirement along with a tripod and a long exposure.

Nicholas had out the umbrella, light stand and a flash unit and demonstrated not only how to light up a subject but also how to use light to change the colour of a wall from white to black! Members took advantage of the opportunity to try their hand at some basic studio flash photograph with Nicholas also playing the role of model.

Some of the photos taken on the evening can be seen in the gallery below.