Visit to Fermoy Camera Club

On Sunday last around a dozen camera club  members, a partner and a dog enjoyed some fabulous hospitality and a grand day out courtesy of Fermoy Camera Club.

We gathered at the popular Corbett Court for a €5 Full Irish breakfast then, still digesting the meal, made our way first to the old mill and castle in the village of Glanworth on the banks of the River Funcheon.

There were plenty of photographic opportunities including the castle itself, the river, the bridge and flora. The weather was holding, slightly overcast but a few breaks in the the cloud to help add some drama to the skies.

From Glanworth we headed south to Ballyhooly and the picturesque Church of Ireland church and cemetery. Although not open, the church grounds with its majestic trees and crumbling headstones again provided much to photograph. By this time a few members had recovered from their breakfast and ventured into the village for a coffee. A quick stop at a bridge over the Blackwater River had a few locals wondering who had fallen in as we all gathered to peer over the side and take photos of Ballyhooly castle.

Our penultimate stop was at the Knockananig reservoir where the grasses and reeds surrounding the water’s edge hosted many damselflies and a few dragonflies. After a quick circumnavigation of the reservoir several members settled themselves down by the reeds in an effort to capture the elusive insects on ‘film.’

Finally we headed in to Fermoy itself, and after a brief amble along the banks of the Blackwater River headed to a local hostelry for another round of tasty saturated fats and calories and assorted BBQ foods.

All those from Clonakilty Camera Club who went on the day would like to thank the members of Fermoy Camera Club for their wonderful hospitality and their thoughtful choices of places to visit. We had a great day and are looking forward to catching up again in the not too distant future. Thanks.

Photos from the day can be seen in the various galleries below.