Photography by Kathleen Hayes

For the summer of 2024, Simon Hill has given us not less than two new challenges. Read more details below.

Assignment 1

Still or moving figures

Many photographers and filmmakers have explored the movement or stillness of the human figure. The film Koyaanisqatsi features the use of time-lapse and slow motion to speed up or slow down the action of commuters.

Jacques Henri Lartigue used panning as a technique to record friends and family members walking, running and jumping. In his series Persons Unknown, Tom Hunter used long exposures to photograph stationary figures sitting or standing in domestic settings. Helena Almeida photographs herself performing everyday movements, often focusing on specific parts of the body.

Investigate appropriate sources and produce your own response to Still or moving figures.

Assignment 2

Working life

Social documentary photographers and film makers often produce their creative outcomes as a result of looking at the everyday working lives of people. During the 1930s and 1940s the Farm Security Administration in the United States of America commissioned photographers to document the working conditions of migrant workers and the challenges of rural poverty.

Investigate appropriate sources and produce your own creative response to Working life.