Saltees revisited & other stuff

This evening was an opportunity for those of us who did not participate in the club outing to the Saltees back in June to see what all the fuss was about. Those who did go pooled their photos and John kindly put them together in a single presentation.

Prior to seeing these photos we had the first of our Photo Inspiration talks where at each meeting, two members are asked to talk for 5-minutes about something photographic whether that be a photo or series of photos of their own or another, an influential photographer, a piece of kit or software, anything.

First up Ciara showed us some photos that she was hoping to emulate in our portrait challenge that takes place at the next meeting. Ciara was interested in multiple exposure images like those below. Combining the portrait with a second image that reveals something about the subject.

Ciara was hoping to achieve this ‘in camera,’ as opposed to combining images in Photoshop and had been searching the web for articles and tutorial videos. A great start to the Photo Inspiration talks that elicited much ‘how to’ discussion and lots of encouragement for Ciara to give it a try.

Nicholas followed Ciara and described how, during an extended period of creative inertia he decided to set himself a challenge and, using his smartphone, take and Tweet a photo every day for a year. At year’s end he intends to hold an exhibition and publish a book of the photos. Nicholas’ first few tweets were under the @ClonCameraClub handle beginning back on February 17th. Seven months later and still tweeting but now under his own twitter name, @coopernich so sign up and follow his daily tweet! Below are just two of his numerous tweets to date.

Nicholas also demonstrated some of the apps he uses to take and edit the photos. His primary camera app is Camera+ and he uses touchRetouch and Snapseed to edit his photos and occasionally GoArt to give an artistic finish to the photo. Good luck for the remaining 5 months!

Back to John and the Saltee people’s photos. The standard of images we saw was excellent and those who went clearly had a fabulous time, not just on the island as photographers but as a group of pals together. We’re expecting to see some of these images again later in the year in our Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition!

You can check out individual galleries here.