Registration, Programme and Portrait Challenge

Our first formal meeting back after the summer break was chock-a-block with stuff. The chairman, Nicholas, went over the programme for the forthcoming couple of months until Christmas and gave some details of the upcoming competitions and challenges.

We had a look at the successful FIAP photographs and also Simon’s winning portrait from the Longford Digital Arts competition.

We also enjoyed seeing the photos taken by Patricia, Cathleen, Nicholas, Noreen O, Kathleen and Noreen B in response to our summer challenge, Numbers. The challenge was to take a photo of the numerals 1 to 20, without repeating the style of each number i.e. you couldn’t use road signs or house numbers etc. twice. You can have a second look, or first if you weren’t there, using this link. Below are three of Nicholas’ images.

This was a great way to develop observational skills and to annoy your partner and friends over the holidays. “Look, there’s a number 7. STOP THE CAR!”

One of our upcoming challenges, due date, October, 4th, is the Portrait Challenge where members have been asked to take 2 portrait photos, one using solely natural light, and the other using artificial light. We were given a few tips on portrait photography which members can access via this page.

Lots happened, and lots to come!