Photography by Susanne Svalefelt

Photoshoot at Skibbereen Gardening Centre

On the 29th of May, Charlie opened up the Skibbereen Gardening Centre, after closing time, for an evening of flower photography. After a short introduction with some composition ideas, members were free to enjoy the flowers with cameras and tripods. Mother Nature gave us a pleasant evening with sunshine and a decent temperature. Most areas were protected from the wind and offered good conditions.

Charlie announced that a competition will be held – the top 3 photographers will receive a gift card each to shop at the gardening centre. All the submissions can be viewed below. (click the first image to open each gallery)

Cathleen Crowley

Geoff Greenham

George Bradfield

Kathleen Hayes

Kevin MacGowan

Larry O’Brien

Melanie Black

Nadine Carroll

Noreen Brazier

Noreen O’Donovan

Patricia Costello

Patricia Ronan

Siobhan Heffernan O’Regan

Susanne Svalefelt

After the photoshoot, we all relaxed with tea, cake, crisps, and there was even a bottle of wine! Thanks again Charlie for your hospitality, for organising and letting us enjoy this space.