New IPF National Photography Competition 2023

The IPF National Photography Competition consists of six separate categories.

People: (Excluding composites) Portraits, nudes, environmental portraits, reportage, street, travel & cultures

Activity: Sport, leisure (non-sport), music & dance

Creative: Composites, abstract composites

Landscape: Landscape, seascape, astro

Still Life: Still life, macro, abstract

Urban: Architecture, streetscapes, interiors

Entering the competition:

Entries will be made via the official online entry system and no other form of entry method is available. The link will be published as part of the competition announcement on the IPF website.

Fees will be paid as part of the online entry system by PayPal. There will be no other payment method available. The fees are outlined hereunder.

There will be no distinction between Advanced and Non-Advanced sections in the IPF National Photography Competition.

There will be six categories as above and entries will be limited to a maximum of four images per category.

Image file type must be JPG. All other file types will be rejected by the software.

Images must be sized correctly in order to be accepted by the online system. Images must be a maximum 1,600 pixels on the long side.

Each image must have a unique title.

Images should use sRGB colour space

Images will be displayed for judging at the size submitted.

An entry may be rejected if, at the reasonable discretion of the IPF, it believes the entry does not conform to the competition rules and conditions or is of an offensive nature.

The organisers have the right to request the original unedited RAW or unedited JPEG file, negative or slide. Non-compliance with such a request may result in the image being disqualified.

Entry Fee:  The cost of entry will be €20, including the first four images and it will be €1 per image thereafter. Therefore, a full entry of 24 images will cost €40.

Images: All content of each image entered must be the work of the photographer.

Except in Travel and Environmental Portraiture, alterations to images are permitted provided that all image content has originated in camera, is not digitally created on a computer, or downloaded from any other source such as the internet or stock image sources.

The use of images taken from drones is permitted.

Identifying marks, such as your name or logo, will result in the image being automatically disqualified.

Competitors are strictly forbidden from using the same image that has been entered in previous IPF POTY/NPOTY competitions. Any such image will be disqualified.

A particular image can be entered in one category only.

Images entered can be either colour or monochrome. Mono and colour versions of an image will be considered the same image.

Submission of entries to the competition is deemed to confirm the competitor’s acceptance of the competition rules and IPF’s decisions. It is the competitor’s responsibility to read and understand the rules. Interpretation and implementation of the rules shall be at the discretion of the competition co-ordinator who shall be honour-bound to adjudicate all disputes fairly and without favour. The Co-ordinator may request to see original images as part of this process.

Opening date for entries: 28th February 2023

Closing date for entries: 30th March 2023

Showing of images and awards ceremony:

22nd April 2023, Horse & Jockey Hotel, Thurles, Tipperary