Life After Dark, a competition.

Having visited Leap at night and enjoyed the Halloween apparitions at our last meeting, this week sees an in-house competition based around the theme of “Life After Dark.”

Congratulations to John for his winning image, The Nibbling Shop.

The judges were initially attracted to the vibrancy of the colours in the image and the moment in time that had been captured. At first it looks as if the people in the room are looking at something in a tank, which they are. It’s only on closer inspection that you realise what is actually happening!

There were a wide range of subjects entered in this competition, and the judges provided detailed feedback on each of the entries. The judges felt that some photos lacked the “Life” element of the theme and a few photos had colour balance issues but overall it proved to be a lively competition

As with the winning entry, Geoff’s photo (above) immediately caught the eye of the judges with its  intense use of colour and texture.

Patricia’s third placed entry impressed as the judges loved the composition with the two triangles formed by the digger and the lights creating a pleasing symmetry. The image was very well exposed and as a print it looked fantastic on a slightly textured paper.

Whilst the judges were doing their thing, Nadine gave a short presentation on her favourite photo, one taken by the Hungarian photographer, Brassaï of the steps in Monmartre in Paris.

Nadine was attracted to this photo and others by Brassaï as she realised that her own work and view was sometimes eerily similar! Sharing some of both Brassaï’s images and her own, Nadine also showed us some quotes by the photographer that resonated with her.

Members can see examples of both photographers’ work juxtaposed if you follow this link.