Improving your photos & Smartphone photography

This evening we started off the new year with a bang. The introduction of an exciting programme for the spring/summer, a useful tip on how to quickly improve the quality of any photograph and advice on how to get the most out of your smartphone’s camera.

After Kathleen, our chairperson outlined the upcoming programme Noreen gave us a short 5-minute talk entitled, Maybe your photo is better than you think.

The concept Noreen was explaining was cropping your photo. She offered us the following thoughts we should consider when cropping an image (right).

The one caveat Noreen mentioned was to ensure that you did not crop the image too heavily as to do so would likely lead to the degradation of the image particularly if you were to subsequently try and enlarge in order to print.

Try to get the initial composition ‘correct’ in camera but if needs be then by all means crop to improve composition and impact.

Above you can see that the cropped image has a far greater impact than the uncropped one.

Following on from Noreen’s talk, Nicholas then gave us a presentation on how to make the most out of the camera on your Smartphone. This was one of the few talks where the presenter didn’t mind if the audience was fixated on their phones! Nicholas then showed us some of the photos he has taken with his phone and two images (see below) that he had printed to demonstrate how you can get a print-quality image out of your phone. Thanks, Nicholas for a terrific presentation. One of those where the exclamation, ‘I never knew that..” echoed around the room!

Nicholas encouraged members to get out and take photos with their phones and to post them on the club’s Whatsapp group account. He suggested that we aim to put up one photo per week per member. To help/encourage/inspire members a series of quotes by famous photographers on the subject of composition was shown and discussed.

Members can find a copy of the presentation on the club’s Google Drive account. Follow this link to the access page or you can click on the Tutorials tab at the top of the page at any time to navigate to the same page.