EGM & Spanish night


A mixed bag at tonight’s meeting. Whilst we all agreed on the changes we want to make regarding the club year and a few other bits and pieces (details to be sent out to members) the main event didn’t quite go to plan….

We were to look at some of the photos members took whilst on the trip to Granada and places Andalucian but we encountered a spectacular technology failure. Our projector overheated and the lamp gave out (fortunately it’s recovered), the hotel’s projector wouldn’t ‘talk’ to any of the laptops we had and even if it had done the image was upside down! We did manage to sort out that problem – eventually but by that time it was too late and the projector remained deaf to the input signal. HOWEVER….. the night wasn’t a complete failure as the food was excellent as was the sangria – many thanks to those members who went to so much trouble to prepare the tapas.

We will be looking at the photos at our next meeting whilst Mike Brown is judging the Nature competition photos.