Clonakilty camera club

Critiquing a Photograph

Many thanks to Simon and Mel for this evening’s presentation on how to critique a photograph. An informative session that had us all thinking about not only the photos we saw but our own approach to making photos, why we take the photos we do and what we hope to convey through our photography.Simon discussed the aspects of technique and composition which covered areas such as the use of focus, depth of field, colour, perspective, balance, scale and visual weight. Mel examined the aesthetics of photography including mood, narrative, originality etc.

You can find a copy of their presentation by following this link to access our Google Drive account.

The discussion of sample photographs at the end of their presentation was lively and elicited responses from members that we may not have had prior to the evening’s presentation. Once again thanks to Mel and Simon for the talk and hopefully when next we take up our cameras we’ll give greater consideration to some of the concepts and practices we discussed this evening.

Remember to take up the challenge set and take a photo in the style of a photographer of your choice. Bring your photo and the photo you are attempting to imitate.