Competition and Flash (Aaah, aaah, Saviour of the Universe)

Tonight’s meeting saw the judging of our first competition for 2019, Unusual Buildings (or buildings taken from an unusual angle). The judges this evening were our own John, Sabina and Larry. Thanks to the three judges for their considered opinions and feedback.

As with our POTY entries, the style of photographs entered varied tremendously. It’s great to see such a diverse range of images. Congratulations fist up to Cathleen for her fabulous geometric winning image taken on a trip to London. A simple yet dynamic composition making excellent use of shape and colour. Patricia’s runner-up image, similarly geometric and stylish looked stunning printed on PermaJet’s Ultra Pearl paper. Mel’s black and white image taken at the fire station in Skibbereen demonstrated how you can find a stylish image even in the most functional places providing you look closely.

Prior to the judging, Patricia reported on the club’s successful trip to Mallow Camera Club on Monday this week. Several of our members journeyed up to Mallow to share some of the photographs taken by us over the recent past including Nicholas’ winning POTY images. By all accounts it was a most enjoyable evening and the members of Mallow Camera Club were suitably impressed with our photography. We hope for a reciprocal visit in the not too distant future.

Whilst the judging was taking place, Joe and then Nicholas talked about flash photography. Joe demonstrated how he uses TTL flash mounted on his camera’s hot shoe to take photos at the various events he attends. He described how he bounces the flash off the ceiling etc. to soften the light in an attempt to reduce harsh shadows and light the scene more evenly. Nicholas then set up the club’s two-flash lighting equipment that he used to light his POTY entries. He gave a quick demonstration as to how he deals with the ambient light in the scene and then using the camera’s aperture, ISO and the flashes themselves is able to manipulate the light’s shape, size and intensity and place it where he wants it.

You can find a presentation on Flash photography that Nicholas has put together on our Google Drive page.