Annual Fundraising Exhibition 2020

Each year, for the past dozen years or more, Clonakilty Camera Club has held a photographic exhibition of members’ work in the Celtic Ross Hotel. Money for a nominated charity has been raised through the sale of exhibited photographs and proceeds from a raffle held on the Opening Night of the exhibition.

This year, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, we are unable to hold our exhibition as usual. We have decided to put our exhibition online which is why we hope you have come to this page! This year, the nominated charity is the Irish Community Rapid Response© or ICRR.

Irish Community Rapid Response – By Land and Air are committed to providing safe, effective, and timely emergency medical care to those seriously ill or injured in Ireland through the provision of a network of volunteer doctors, Rapid Response Vehicles and a dedicated Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS).

How does ICRR work?

Simply. When you call Ireland’s emergency numbers, 999 or 112, to report a life-threatening medical emergency, an ambulance will be dispatched from the nearest hospital. At the same time, the emergency services will deploy an ICRR Volunteer Doctor, Rapid Response Vehicle or the ICRR Air Ambulance (callsign Helimed 92).

The sale of one photograph can purchase a stethoscope or breathing and airway equipment for two children. It can contribute towards the cost of defibrillator pads or will buy multiple boxes of latex gloves. Your generosity in purchasing a photo will be of benefit to some unfortunate individual so go head and enjoy the exhibition and see what grabs your fancy!

All photos are mounted and framed using a plain, black 20×16″ frame. The photos themselves will be no larger than 16×12″. Photos are for sale at a cost of €75, of which, a minimum of €50 will be donated to the charity. If you are interested in purchasing a photo, please contact us via the website or contact our chairperson, Kathleen on 086 3058709. Please have to hand the number of the photo and photographer’s name.

For those of you who would prefer an audio-visual gallery experience you can also view our exhibition on YouTube….