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POTY 2022 – Summer competition

We were delighted to welcome Niamh Whitty as the judge for our POTY Summer Competition.  There was a healthy level of submissions, including entries from some of our newest members.  

The focus of the competition was to create three images for a book cover.  A wide variety of titles was given, ranging from the imaginative ‘Midnight in the garden of good and evil’ to more traditional options such as ‘The Bee garden’ and ‘The Wild Garden’.  It was interesting to see what a wide range of titles were selected and fascinating to see the variety of images used to illustrate a single title. 

Niamh talked us through the photographs, giving detailed and instructive feedback.  Niamh’s observations on the images were invariably constructive and complemented by general advice on ways to make images work harder.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening spent looking at a great selection of member photographs.

Congratulations to our winner, Patricia Ronan.

2nd place, Eamonn McCarthy

3rd, Geoff Greenham

POTY 2022 – Spring competition

The format of the Photographer of the year competition has been modified for 2022, to consist of four different seasonal competitions, all with different themes. The spring competition took place in early April and had the theme “Celebrate the West Cork coast”.

18 members participated in the competition, which was judged by Charlie Lee.

Below are the top 3 entries:

Winner – Nicholas Cooper

2nd place – Kathleen Hayes

3rd place – Patricia Ronan


Spring competition

A message from Susanne, our competition secretary;
“The times we’re living in are hard and stressful, and at least I try to cherish every moment that brings some calm, joy and serenity. 
To me, such moments can be when I learn something new on the guitar, when I go for a walk in good weather and feel the smell of the Irish nature that is alive although it’s January, sip an extra good whiskey or when I suddenly on an otherwise cold January day feel that the sun warms my face. Now more than ever, the little things in life are important and that little moment of joy they give can brighten up our day.”


Patricia R

What kind of moments give YOU joy and serenity? Seek out the good moments this spring. Capture one of them in a photograph. Or, if you don’t want to run for the camera when you’re in that moment, photograph an object or place that represents it.
We will be discussing these images on the 28th of April on Zoom. 
– 1 photograph per person and in .jpg format
– Editing software may be used to adjust the image to your liking
– Deadline 11th of April 2021

Spring and summer challenge

Spring and summer challenge


  • Choose a plant in your garden (or near you if you don’t have a garden). You will follow the development of this plant over the spring and summer until autumn. It can be a bulb, a shrub, a tree, a wildflower.. – anything that changes over the year.
  • Create a photo of this plant once a week – or as soon as you see a new development. Make it a challenge to capture the beauty of spring.

  • Choose a few photos that are your favourites and that best represent the development of your plant. Send these photos to me not later than the 3rd of May. On the following Wednesday we will share our photos in a Zoom meeting.
  • After this meeting, continue to follow and photograph your plant over the summer. Try to capture the most beautiful moments from different angles, and your plant’s development until autumn. In early autumn we’ll share our second set of photos in a Zoom meeting. I don’t have a date yet for this meeting.
First deadline – 3rd of May.

POTY 2020, results.

This year’s Photographer of the Year (POTY) competition was an open theme with members submitting any three images taken over the past year. With 20 entries the competition was wide open and congratulations go to Nicholas for his win. His 3 winning photos are shown below.

Geoff placed second  in the competition and Siobhán came in third. Their photos are in the gallery below.

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