Club competitions & rules; 2021

Clonakilty Camera Club competitions and rules 2021

POTY 2021

This year’s competition rules have yet to be determined. When announced details will be provided.

The past rules for this particular competition can be found here. (link downloads as pdf)


Notes :

FIAP Categories :

II.5 Subject matter, categories and sections

Basically the subject to be treated by the author is free.

A) International salons can have the following categories:

  1. Black and White/Monochrome Prints (M)
  2. Colour Prints (C)
  3. Projected Images (PI M and/or C)
  4. Audiovisual (AV) (see FIAP document 2013/314 AV)


  1. B) They can have the following sections:
  • Open
  • Creative
  • Nature
  • Wildlife
  • Photojournalism
  • Travel
  • Series
  • Portfolios (Collections)
  • Themes

Thematic salons, such as salons with socio-documentary subjects are explicitly recommended, provided that the subject is broad enough and can be used by everyone (for example: “the theatre”, “man at work”, “childhood”, etc.). Themes can include Mobile Phone Photography