Club competitions & rules; 2019/20

Clonakilty Camera Club competitions and rules 2019/20

Johnny Creedon Nature Competition

Judged by Mike Brown

Prints to be mounted

Due date : Wednesday. September 18th

Competition rules
  • Domestic animals or animals in captivity are NOT permitted

  • Flora, fungi etc. must be in its natural environment i.e. no cut grasses, cut flowers or picked toadstools etc

  • Cultivated plants are ineligible

  • Human elements shall not be present, except where those human elements are an integral parts of the nature story such as animals adapted to an environment modified by humans, or where those human elements are in situations depicting natural forces, like hurricanes or tidal waves;

    • i.e. bird on a feeder is not acceptable, bird nesting in a chimney pot is acceptable

  • Landscapes, woodlands, geological formations etc. are permitted providing they are the primary subject in the image and show little or no human endeavor or influence;

    • i.e. farmed land, forestry, piers, jetties etc. should not be included in any landscape

Photo editing

  • No techniques that add, relocate, replace, or remove pictorial elements, except by cropping the image, are permitted
  • Removal of dust spots, digital noise or film scratches is permissible
  • Levels & curves adjustment, colour adjustment, dodging & burning are permissible but must appear natural
  • Colour images may be converted to black & white
POTY 2019

This year’s theme is N71, The Road to the West.

The rules for this particular competition can be found here.


Notes :

FIAP Categories :

II.5 Subject matter, categories and sections

Basically the subject to be treated by the author is free.

A) International salons can have the following categories:

  1. Black and White/Monochrome Prints (M)
  2. Colour Prints (C)
  3. Projected Images (PI M and/or C)
  4. Audiovisual (AV) (see FIAP document 2013/314 AV)


  1. B) They can have the following sections:
  • Open
  • Creative
  • Nature
  • Wildlife
  • Photojournalism
  • Travel
  • Series
  • Portfolios (Collections)
  • Themes

Thematic salons, such as salons with socio-documentary subjects are explicitly recommended, provided that the subject is broad enough and can be used by everyone (for example: “the theatre”, “man at work”, “childhood”, etc.). Themes can include Mobile Phone Photography