Club competitions & rules; 2020

Clonakilty Camera Club competitions and rules 2020

POTY 2020

This year is an open competition with no theme.

The rules for this particular competition can be found here.


Notes :

FIAP Categories :

II.5 Subject matter, categories and sections

Basically the subject to be treated by the author is free.

A) International salons can have the following categories:

  1. Black and White/Monochrome Prints (M)
  2. Colour Prints (C)
  3. Projected Images (PI M and/or C)
  4. Audiovisual (AV) (see FIAP document 2013/314 AV)


  1. B) They can have the following sections:
  • Open
  • Creative
  • Nature
  • Wildlife
  • Photojournalism
  • Travel
  • Series
  • Portfolios (Collections)
  • Themes

Thematic salons, such as salons with socio-documentary subjects are explicitly recommended, provided that the subject is broad enough and can be used by everyone (for example: “the theatre”, “man at work”, “childhood”, etc.). Themes can include Mobile Phone Photography